Excerpts from the Sky : An Airline Pilot's Story

Excerpts from the Sky : An Airline Pilot's Story

Book Title: Excerpts from the Sky : An Airline Pilot's Story

Author: Adam Kay

Format: Paperback | 200 pages

Publication Date: 30 Jan 2006

ISBN-13: 9781844015627

No pilot has written about this unique career with such sincerity, honesty and wit. (Emmanuel Ukpong, British Airways Award Winner, Aviation Reporter of the Year 1991) The book is laid out in simple grammar devoid largely of aviation technical jargons and can easily be digested by both young and old with or without aviation background... (Lateef Lawal, Nigerian Tribune) Most of us imagine that the life of an airline pilot is exciting, romantic and never routine. But is this the real picture? If you want to know about the long and arduous training a would-be pilot undergoes, and about the demands of the qualified pilot's everyday working life, this fascinating book gives you the facts. The author, a pilot with Nigerian Airways, entertains us with his personal experiences of flying, from the "funny and unreal" to the downright unsettling. And he gives us the benefit of his technical expertise. What information does the pilot receive from the control tower when preparing for take-off? How does the crew navigate in poor weather conditions? Do things ever go wrong? This book lifts the curtain on the mysterious world of commercial flying from a unique viewpoint of an "insider". A great book for aircraft and ordinary air passengers alike.