Mindfulness In Nature

Mindfulness In Nature

Book Title: Mindfulness In Nature

Author: Yoshifumi Miyazaki

Format: Hardback | 112 pages

Publication Date: 27 Apr 2017

ISBN-13: 9781578266760

Mindfulness in Nature helps readers separate themselves from their busy lives, and allows them to engage in a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the natural world around them through meditative practice. Now more than ever, with the constant distractions that abound in modern life--from smart phones to social media--it is imperative we seek the solace and comfort of nature for our well-being. The Japanese have a term for it: Shinrin-yoku or "Forest Bathing." Mindfulness experts Dr. Nina Smiley and David Harp have created a new guide called Mindfulness in Nature which provides a meaningful way to nurture ourselves through a sense of spaciousness, calm, and connection with the out-of-doors. Penned from the breathtaking natural setting of Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York, Mindfulness in Nature affords readers access to wisdom from dozens of notable authors, philosophers and poets - including Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, and Walt Whitman - on the important themes of nature, spirituality, simple beauty and joyful living. More than just a walk in the woods, Mindfulness in Nature is a carefully crafted and deliberate approach to achieve better health and well-being and is ideal for all ages.