Past Perfect : Richard Shapiro Houses and Gardens

Past Perfect : Richard Shapiro Houses and Gardens

Book Title: Past Perfect : Richard Shapiro Houses and Gardens

Author: Hamish Bowles

Format: Hardback | 240 pages

Publication Date: 25 Oct 2016

ISBN-13: 9780847847402

Renowned designer and antiques dealer Richard Shapiro devotes his first book to the art of creating refined, cultivated spaces that transport their inhabitants to a heritage of distant lands and past epochs. Designers and home owners who wish to endow homes with authentic European charm and character will be inspired by Shapiro's gift for creating genuine Old World savoir faire. The book focuses on the two much-imitated homes and gardens of Richard Shapiro, which provide a wealth of inspiration and a broad array of examples related to living graciously with antiques, decorative painting and other finishes, and marrying centuriesold building materials with new construction. Shapiro shares ideas from his work as a designer as well as lessons learned from years of collecting and selling antiques and fine art. As a manufacturer of furnishings with a distinctly European sensibility, he also brings to bear a thorough knowledge of production processes and finishing techniques that simulate authentic Old World archetypes.
With exquisite new photography, the book also functions as a master class, filled with illustrations and takeaways for readers, offering practical ideas and creative inspirations for imbuing a home with a romantic mood and a timeworn sensibility.