Clara Bow : Runnin' Wild

Clara Bow : Runnin' Wild

Book Title: Clara Bow : Runnin' Wild

Author: Eve Golden

Format: Paperback | 400 pages

Publication Date: 13 Mar 2000

ISBN-13: 9780815410256

Hollywood's first sex symbol, the ' It ' girl, Clara Bow was born in the slums of Brooklyn in a family plagued with alcoholism and insanity. She catapulted to fame after winning Motion Picture magazine's 1921 " Fame and Fortune" contest. The greatest box-office draw of her day-she once received 45,000 fan letters in a single month, Clara Bow's on screen vitality and allure that beguiled thousands, however, would be her undoing off-camera. David Stenn captures her legendary rise to stardom and fall from grace, her success marred by studio exploitation and sexual scandals.