Social Nature : Theory, Practice and Politics

Social Nature : Theory, Practice and Politics

Book Title: Social Nature : Theory, Practice and Politics

Author: Noel Castree

Format: Paperback | 268 pages

Publication Date: 05 Dec 2001

ISBN-13: 9780631215684

This groundbreaking collection brings together for the first time diverse geographical work on the social construction of nature. Eleven leading contributors not only discuss social nature, but look at the concrete ways in which it is made and the political implications of its construction. They use International case studies to illustrate their theoretical positions.The original contributions are written at a level that is appropriate for upper level students, and a helpful introduction by the editors, looking at the paradigms and perspectives that have been employed in the study of social nature, sets the chapters in context. The volume as a whole enables teachers and students to explore the ways in which social nature is evident and to engage with the direct implications of this for human lives, ecologies and politics.