Revolt in Paradise

Revolt in Paradise

Book Title: Revolt in Paradise

Author: Oka Rusmini

Format: Paperback | 320 pages

Publication Date: 30 Dec 1989

ISBN-13: 9780517573730

This is K'tut Tantri's absorbing account of her life in Bali, first as a young artist and later as a resistance fighter for Indonesian independence. Enchanted by the paradise seen on a movie screen, this young Scotswoman decides she must live in Bali. Once there, she attracts the attention of Prince Anak Agung Nura, who introduces her to his language and culture, and begins what will become a lifelong friendship. When war shatters her paradise, K'tut Tantri joins the Prince in the resistance movement, only to be captured, tortured, imprisoned and finally, near death, released. Hers is a story, the third book in the Griffin Paperback series of first-hand adventures set in exotic locales, of devotion and love for a people, as well as a tale of sheer guts, determination, and romance. "Bizarre experiences and passionate political convictions are related with richness and candor in this unusual autobiography."--Booklist "More than a biography, this is a commentary on the struggle for independence, written from the Indonesian point of view. Moreover, it is first-rate adventure reading."--Library Journal "A fast-paced tale...she writes with simplicity and directness uncommon to Western prose."--Kirkus Reviews