The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

Book Title: The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

Author: Henry Petroski

Format: Paperback | 224 pages

Publication Date: 15 Feb 1996

ISBN-13: 9780312141042

In a world where engineering plays an increasingly important role, one wonders about the exact nature of the engineering experience in our time. In this second edition of The Existential Pleasures of Engineering, Samuel Florman perceptively explores how engineers think and feel about their profession. Dispelling the myth that engineering is cold and passionless, Florman celebrates it as something vital and alive. He views engineering as a response to some of our deepest impulses, rich in spiritual and sensual rewards. Opposing the "antitechnology" stance, Florman brilliantly emerges with a practical, creative, and fun philosophy of engineering that boasts his pride in his craft.