Round River

Round River

Book Title: Round River

Author: Aldo Leopold

Format: Paperback | 188 pages

Publication Date: 02 Nov 1972

ISBN-13: 9780195015638

To those who know the grace of Aldo Leopold's writing in A Sand County Almanac, this posthumous collection from his journals and essays will be a new delight. These daily journal entries on hunting, fishing and exploring, written in camp during his many field trips in lower California, New Mexico, Canada, and Wisconsin, indicate the source of Leopold's ideas on land ethics found in his longer essays. The excerpts from these journals - many taken from notes written around a camp fire, spattered with a slapped mosquito or a drop of coffee - show in direct context what he did in his own leisure time. The essays are taken from more contemplative notes which were still in manuscript when Leopold died, fighting a grass fire in 1948. Round River has been edited by Leopold's son, Luna, a geologist well-known in the field of conservation. It is also illustrated throughout with line drawings by Charles W. Schwartz. All admirers of Leopold's work - indeed, all lovers of nature - will find this book richly rewarding.