The Peninsular War : A New History

The Peninsular War : A New History

Book Title: The Peninsular War : A New History

Author: Robin Lane Fox

Format: Paperback | 624 pages

Publication Date: 02 Oct 2003

ISBN-13: 9780140273700

For centuries Spain had been the most feared and predatory power in Europe - it had the largest empire and one of the world's great navies to defend it. Nothing could have prepared the Spanish for the devastating implosion of 1805-14. Trafalgar destroyed its navy and the country degenerated into a brutalized shambles with French and British armies marching across it at will. The result was a war which killed over a million Spaniards and ended its empire.
This book is the first in a generation to come to terms with this spectacular and terrible conflict, immortalised by Goya and the arena in which Wellington and his redcoats carved out one of the greatest episodes in British military history.